Collaborative Program in Musculoskeletal Sciences


The Collaborative Program in Musculoskeletal Sciences (CPMS) focuses on the education and the training of graduate students to develop and carry out musculoskeletal research, with an aim to educate students in how their work fits into the larger community of musculoskeletal research that stretches from bench to bedside to society. The program’s goal is to create leaders in the field of musculoskeletal sciences who will possess the knowledge and capability to bring about transformational change.

The program is of particular interest to graduate students who wish to enhance their interdisciplinary knowledge and advance their careers. Professional contacts throughout the international musculoskeletal research community are enhanced through participation in this program. Graduate students will receive formal recognition of their training in musculoskeletal science on their graduate transcript.

The CPMS is a unique graduate training program as there is only one such other program in North America. The program  is aligned with the lead Faculty of Medicine, and is supported by the participating units of the program.

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Admission & Requirements