BThe Centre has an inclusive membership definition and eligibility criteria that will include inter-disciplinary faculty involved in research, education and other scholarly work related to musculoskeletal research at the UofT or at any of its fully- or community-affiliated institutions. In the longer run, the Centre will also provide advisory services and policy expertise for the broader healthcare system, and develop a network beyond UofT. There are two types of membership in the Centre: (1) members and (2) graduate faculty member

The Centre offers studentships, fellowships, and other support for qualified individuals involved in musculoskeletal research at the UofT and its affiliated hospitals and community partners. In addition, the Centre hosts regular continuing education events for healthcare professionals and students.

Graduate Collaborative Program

The Graduate Collaborative Program in Musculoskeletal Sciences (CPMS) has been approved and will start in September 2013. The program will foster graduate training and research in the area of musculoskeletal sciences by bringing numerous but dispersed graduate students together with musculoskeletal researchers within the University of Toronto, and by encouraging collaboration across a wide spectrum of medical-related disciplines within the University through the core course and seminar series. This is a unique graduate training program as there is only one other similar program in North America. The CPMS will act as an academic hub for graduate students in different disciplines, and will be focused on interdisciplinary musculoskeletal research. This program is supported by the Institute of Medical Science, and the Toronto Musculoskeletal Centre.